If you need help or have a question it is almost certainly answered here. If not use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


You must be logged in to submit songs. If you haven’t signed up yet – Register here. Registration is free. After you register as a Music Aid artist and will be able to submit songs at any time. 

To submit a song click on the Submit Your Song button.

Your song entry must already be online on YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Daily Motion, ReverbNation or Mixcloud. Enter the correct link to your song (eg: soundcloud.com/mysonglink, youtube.com/mysonglink etc) on the entry form and your song will appear. It is best to copy and paste the Share link by your song, or copy and paste the url in the address bar of the website for that song.

IMAGE:  Choose a good main image for your song entry. This will appear in all charts, search results, featured song lists etc. If you have any difficulty uploading the image see the Troubleshooting section below. It should not be smaller than 360px x 360px.

HEADING: This should include the song title and could include your own name or band name or other details that could help people find it in searches. If it is a cover song it could also include the name of the original artist. Look at other entries in the event to get ideas on how to write a good heading

CATEGORIES:  Select all categories that apply to that particular entry. Always be accurate with category selection – this is important as misleading category selection may result in removal of the entry

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is only $10 for early entries. This will increase later in the event so we advise early entry. This includes entry into multiple categories, if they are applicable to that song. The entry fee is always clearly written at the top of the entry form and it will appear again before you make your payment.

SONG SHARE SETTINGS: The host settings for your song (at Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Mixcloud, ReverbNation) must allow public sharing. Make sure your song is not set to private. In Soundcloud, for example, make sure that you have enabled “app playback” in the Permissions section. In YouTube make sure that the video is not set to private.

TIP:  Share your entry with as many people as possible, with friends, family, fans etc. See more details on sharing and promotion below.


REGISTRATION: Registration is free. If you are not registered yet click on the Submit a Song button to sign up. After registering you will see some welcome details and we will send you a welcome email. If you do not see the email in your inbox check your spam folder. If you still do not see it check your profile to make sure you provided the correct email address.

LOG IN: You are automatically Logged In when you register and we recommend that you stay logged in. To log in again use the Profile Icon at the top of every page. Or press the Submit Your Song button. There is also a Log In/Out link at the bottom of every page.

LOG OUT:  Logging out is simple. Click on your Pofile Icon at the top of every page and the option to log out will appear. There is also a Log In/Out link at the bottom of every page.


To see your profile click on the Profile Icon at the top of each page, or click on your name or profile image anywhere it appears in the event. After registering you should add your profile image. If you wish you can also add a cover picture to your profile. You can change these at any time and you can also edit your profile details, email address, website links and other details from your profile page.

Everyone will see your profile picture under your song entry with a link to your profile and this pic will also appear in other places during the event.

Your song submissions will appear in your Profile and people will be able to see all the songs you have submitted in the event. You can also add a short Bio to your Profile and link to your website and social media pages and link to any music sales site you use to sell tracks.

You are registered with your username but you can change this to your personal or artist name at any time in Settings.  Your username will stay the same but everyone will see your new name on entries, charts, searches etc.


COVER SONGS:  There are awards and cash prizes for Cover Songs. Entries can be videos or audio tracks. You can enter your cover songs in the following categories: Cover Songs, Female Solo Artists, Male Solo Artists, Bands, Instrumental Performance, Live Performance and also in Teen or Pre Teen (if applicable).

ORIGINAL SONGS / SONGWRITERS:  Original songs can be performed by the writer or by someone else. Entries can be simple demo recordings or studio recordings and may be entered as audio tracks or videos. If the song is sung by the writer it shoud be entered in the Singer-Songwriter category. If it is performed by someone else enter it in Songwriter. f you are a band you can enter it in the Bands category. You can also enter original songs and compositions in any performance categories that are applicable.

INSTRUMENTALS:  Instrumental entries can be instrumental covers or original compositions and can be simple demo recordings or studio recordings and may be entered as audio tracks or videos. Select all categories that are applicable to your entry.

CHARTS:  Your song takes part in the charts from the moment it is entered. There are daily, weekly and monthly charts, Hot, Trending and Popular charts, and specialized charts for each category of song entry. You can follow your entry in real time and see how it compares live to other entries in the event.

CATEGORIES:  The categories are: Cover Songs, Original Songs, Songwriter, Female Solo Artist, Male Solo Artist, Band, Singer/Songwriter, DJ Mix, Instrumental Composition, Instrumental Performance, Live Performance, Teen and Pre-Teen. Check all that accurately apply. There is also an Uncategorized category for anything that does not fit the above categories.

EDITING ENTRIES: You can make changes to your entry after submission using the Dashboard link at the bottom of every page. You can change the image, heading and categories but be very careful when making changes, and do not change the url link to your song unless this is absolutely necessary as changing this may cause problems with your submission. If in doubt contact support.


DEADLINE:  The event is now open for submissions and will continue until December. At least four weeks notice will be given before the closing date.

PRIZE FUND:  The Prize Fund increases with every paid entry until a maximum of $100,000 is reached.  See the Terms and Conditions and the Prize Fund page for full details.

SHARING AND SELF PROMOTION: Share your entry as much as possible on social media. This will make your song entry viral, increase your chances of a high position in the Charts and increase your chances of earning money from your entry. Share your entry with as many people as possible, with friends, family, fans etc. Share and post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. When you share, ask people to press Like on the Music  Aid 2017 website, not just on a social media site. Ask them to share it again using the Share button on the Music Aid 2017 site – this will increase it’s reach and it’s chart position. People can also engage and add comments to your song entry. Plays, views, Likes, comments, and shares will all increase your position in the charts and increase your chance of an award and a cash prize. By entering a song you have permission to use Music Aid branding and the Music Aid Logo in your promotions.


IMAGE UPLOAD PROBLEMS:  Older versions of Internet Explorer sometimes do not work with modern web forms – so if you have problems uploading the image for your submission on the entry form check your browser. The solution is to update IE to the latest version and try again, or use a different browser or device to submit. If the problem still persists contact Music Aid for support.

1. WRONG URL: This is the most common reason a song will not appear. Check that you have the correct url link. You can edit and correct this in your Dashboard. The link should begin with “http://” and not “www.”  The best way to ensure you have the correct link is to go to the song page on the host site and copy and use the Share button to get the link. Or copy and paste the address from the address bar in your browser.
2. PRIVACY SETTINGS: The settings for your song at the host site (Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Mixcloud, ReverbNation) must allow public sharing. If you have used the correct url link and you still cannot see your song in the contest then make sure your song is not set to private. In Soundcloud for example, make sure that you have enabled app playback in the Permissions section, and in YouTube make sure that the video is not set to private.



If your question is not answered above, or on the Terms and Conditions page you can contact us using the Music Aid Organization Contact Form to send us your question.

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